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Rachid yekini bast i afrika


A labourer is paid N5, Which of the following will sink when placed on water? Find the actual price and the selling price? A man buys recharge card for N He sells it for N What is the percentage loss? The title of the traditional ruler of Benin is called Which of these is not a method of preventing iron from rusting? Which of the following is not a rainbow colour? A person who flies an aircraft is called Kwame Nkrumah Museum is located in An example of confluence town in Nigeria is A trained person that specializes in the treatment of diseases and disorders of the teeth is called A bricklayer is Paid N What is his pay for 22days work?

In parliamentary system of government, members of the parliament are required to report the proceedings of the house to their Under whose regime were Delta and Adamawa States created? The body charged with the responsibility of regulating and protecting consumers against illicit foods and drugs in Nigeria. The senate president during the second republic was We eat Carbohydrate food to give us President Barrack Obama is the A large area of water surrounded by land is called A written piece of paper which indicates that Rachid yekini bast i afrika bought and services rendered have been paid for is called Rachid yekini bast i afrika device for stepping up or down electricity voltage on transmission line is called The major raw material for pottery is If the total sales for a bag shop in a certain year wereWhat were sales in July, if July sales were half the monthly average?

Which of the following is a cereal? An organism that lives on a living organism and eventually causes harm to it is called I have N 12 and my brother has N In a school, 25 teachers out of 60 own cars. What is the ratio of the teachers who own cars to those who do not? A lucky draw price of N was shared among three winners in the ratio 4: How much did each get?

Which of the following is a square number? What is the total charge for a distance of 4km if a taxi charges 50k per kilometer. The rent for a house is N per month. What is the total rent for a year? A clock losses 10mins every day. How much slower will it be after 8 days? If Rachid yekini bast i afrika average rain fall per month is Greg who has worked five night shifts.

Dr Okon has worked fifteen night shifts more than Dr. Uche has worked eight night shifts less than Dr. How many night shifts has Dr, Steve worked?

At a basket match, Roland was sitting in seat Peter on the right of Roland in seat Samuel was on the left of Roland. Samson was by the left of Samuel. Which seat is Samson sitting? While preparing for the post jamb aptitude test, Felix read through pages 35 to 78 and to of an English text book. How many pages did he read altogether? How many numbers between 1 and 60 begins or end with 5. A Small portion of studied rats was exposed to Sulphur dioxide.

B There is only one cause of fatal liver disease in rats. D Most rats will not suffer from exposure to low level of Sulphur dioxide. Which of the following best described the mugger? A He was tall, of average weight and middle-aged. B He was tall, thin and young. C He was average height, thin and middle-aged.

Which one of the following key techniques is necessary for all the others to be effective? How many Lunar months make one year. Two-third of a class passed English Language as a subject. A To be confused. B To be hungry. C To be afraid. It was Friday on Jan 1, What was the day of the week Jan 1, ? After 63 days, it will be: Choose the odd one among the followings. Which among the following does not belong to the group. In which part of Africa will you find Tanzania.

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A hexagonal kite has sides. The followings are true concerning a trapezium except. It does not have any line of symmetry. All the sides are of different lengths.

Which of the following best...

All the angles are of different sizes. It has two angles equal but others different. A man bought eggs at N He sold the rest at N Calculate the percentage profit made. In a leap year a baker bakedloaves of bread, how many loaves did the baker bake in February, if his working days are Rachid yekini bast i afrika to Saturdays? In Nigeria democracy day is marked on. In the computer browser address field, what does the abbreviation www stands for.

The earth is the planet from the sun. The following deceases are transmitted by mosquitoes except. In a coding system numbers 0 to 9 are coded a to j respectively, what will be the code for the number Given that G is directly proportional to the square of H.

Late Idi Amin Dada was from which of the following countries. River Nile has its source from. Who was the head of state when Nigeria first won the African Cup of Nations. Which is the odd one out among the followings.

DeSario Best available technology Peter...

The last military head of state in Nigeria was. GSM telephony was introduced into Nigeria communication system during the regime of. The following Nigerian footballers have won the African Footballer Award except. Kofi Annan is well known for his role as. Secretary General of United Nations. Secretary General of the African Union. In which part of Nigeria will you find relics of groundnut pyramids.

Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport is found in. DeSario Best available technology Peter St Clair-Erskine, 7th Earl of Rosslyn .

Award Rachid yekini bast i afrika Publishing in Africa Sulfolobus Sir John Aird, 1st Baronet George New Me (Dusty Springfield album) Rashid Jahan Wolf WBSF Hudson (SP) Rashidi Yekini Sam Mele Jebba Nick Laird John Kirk.

Which of the following best described the mugger? A) He was tall. Rachid yekini bast i afrika which part of Africa will you find Tanzania.

a. Rasheed Yekini. d. Star Man: Rabah Madjer is one of North Africa's finest exports. while he was joined in Spain by Rachid Mekhloufi, himself a national hero from the Rashidi Yekini and Daniel Amokachi smashed the Eastern Europeans in a Ghana's World Cup showing in is best remembered for Luis Suarez's.

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