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Our portfolio of multi-company learning solutions address individual and organisational challenges and range from leadership and management to business innovation and functional excellence in finance. The programs are long-term learning experiences co-created with a group of non-competing companies sharing experiences and creating new knowledge together.

Brand X is an energiser of commercial operations that combines independent Marketing experts to a unique growth accelerator for commercial success. The accounting performance program is a benchmarking and development program for financial accountants.

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The Liquid Leader - succeeding in the new economy program helps you navigate the fluid business environment and lead emerging ecosystems. The Controller Performance Program is a benchmarking and development program for business controllers. The Lead Russia Program is designed to support increased efficiency and profitability of Finnish and Nordic companies active in Russia.

We work globally together with businesses to co-create dynamic custom designed learning solutions that directly address their business challenges and have a true business impact. The Beyonces mamma hon vill bara ata Mindset Program inspired us to take bolder actions in our marketing communications. Being able to trust that the program meets our needs and wishes was vital.

The high-quality program set the expectation for the participants, which the program as a whole reclaimed. UPM believes that competence, integrity and the drive of our people make us unique. Our challenge is to unleash the potential of the global Stakeholder Relations organization to have a unified marketing mind-set across our different teams.

Although most of the employees are not working in direct contact with marketing related tasks, everyone needs a marketing mindset and related skills in their work. Finally, 25 were selected to attend a live workshop to gain even more insights Beyonces mamma hon vill bara ata practical tools for storytelling, digital marketing campaigns, sustainability communication and pitching.

Participants were inspired by the new marketing insights and how they could use it in their daily work to create impact. The program has not only ignited lively discussions around marketing but also given tools for new marketing approaches and projects. It was pivotal to have an understanding and encouraging partner to generate this marketing mindset program. Fingrid is responsible for the Finnish electricity transmission grid, the most important infrastructure of our society. Every day Fingrid employees can see the impact of their work Beyonces mamma hon vill bara ata the lives of all Finns: Finland is powered by electricity.

In line with international cooperation and the expanding electricity market, our work also has a more and more prominent international dimension. We already belong to the leading companies globally in the industry, but our aim now is to reach the peak! We are investing in competence development all the time, and this time we wanted our top executive team to sharpen their competence in the most relevant business topics of the future.

We have been delighted by the excellent level of the process and resources. The project has enhanced both our internal dialogue and inspiration how to reach the peak and has supported the execution of Beyonces mamma hon vill bara ata strategy. Inspired and skilled personnel as well as smart ways of working are the basis for our success.

We wanted to develop people leadership and business skills of YIT leaders to better meet current and future needs. We also wanted to increase collaboration and interaction across YIT by both having strong team working elements in the program and also creating networking opportunities for people.

Listening and understanding our customers better has been and is one of the core themes of the program as well. We particularly appreciated the active support and professional discussions in designing the program to truly meet our needs. Being open and responsive to our feedback and needs. Also the good reputation as a business school and executive education provider effected our decision. The solution was an intense and high quality cross company leadership program which is a well balanced combination of leadership, customer understanding, team working, strategy and finance.

The program is challenging and inspiring for the participants and of benefit to YIT. YIT Challenger Program supports our strategic focus areas by increasing the skills, capabilities and understanding of YIT leaders to better lead people and business.

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Through that we were able to create excitement and pull from the organisation towards the program. What contributed to the success was to have a reliable and high quality partner to work together with.

Kovanen Corporation wanted to fine-tune its service concept in order to reach the highest possible service quality level.

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During the program we shaped our brand, our value proposition, our core values, our way of working and we also focused on improving our digital services. We also benchmarked international brands in order to develop our service processes.

Thanks to the program we were able Beyonces mamma hon vill bara ata clearly define our brand strategy, which we believe is very important especially considering pending regulations that are coming into effect. As a result, we are stronger than ever in our customer service and clearly on a positive growth path, better equipped and ready to meet an even more challenging future!

We are very satisfied with the outcomes of the program and the impact it had on our business. In addition we very much enjoyed meeting and networking with the people from other companies taking part in the program. That valuable network was a great benefit of the program. We took part in the Customer Excellence — Luxury Cluster program to develop and enhance our business and focus on our unique selling points.

Through the program and its networking opportunities with other participants, it has been easier to take the strategic next steps towards growth. The Luxury Cluster Finland program Beyonces mamma hon vill bara ata a great international tool for companies with a global clientele, who are committed to develop excellence in customer experience as a competitive advantage. Lactalis was looking to invest in individual development plans of management team members from eight countries across the CIS zone.

More specifically develop strategic thinking, leadership, people management skills, finance and change management. A program covering all the identified development needs was run in 4 different locations of the CIS zone. On top of live learning, we agreed on running interactive activities to support the learning process. Participating executives were divided into groups and assigned an actual business project.

At the end of the program each group presented the results of their project work to the CIS GM and received positive feedback for their efforts.

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All participants Beyonces mamma hon vill bara ata positive and happy about the learnings of the program, they are using the obtained skills in their everyday work.

Increasing competition and changes on the market calls for a completely new way of doing business, while maintaining key strengths. We needed to change our leadership style towards a more participatory one, a more people-centric and future- oriented way of viewing the business. We Beyonces mamma hon vill bara ata to enhance leading people with a goal-oriented approch. Gasum Academy started early and its objective was to support and develop a goal-oriented approach to implement and execute the new strategy.

Their development programs are of high quality and this was the most essential criteria for us. We were able to network and reach joint thinking models. The leadership practices and the sales culture were unified and we had a lot of great conversations that have since been transferred into practice.

We want to ensure that we continue to have skilled staff to implement our business strategy and challenging projects. As a result of our co-operation, we conducted a high-quality, future oriented management development program. Optimising shareholder value is like riding a taxi without a destination.

Brand X Brand X is an energiser of commercial operations that combines independent Marketing experts to a unique growth accelerator for commercial success. Complete tailoring of learning experience according to stakeholder expectations and strategic objectives in co-creation process Definition of concrete development initiatives for business impact.

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