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Det luktar guld gnaget


Brazil ranked second in female user share, the country is home to the largest total Instagram user base in Latin America and second worldwide. Aik away I think, made a few highlights as a video online years later. We arrived at Solna Centrum with the same train as some of gnagets younger, but better and more violent supporters. We made our precsence and gnaget threw a bottle down the escalator and was confronted.

A full on boxing broke out and gnaget was chased out of the ticket halls at Solna Centrum Station. They were less then us, but I guess we were about 10 at most on that train.

Respect "Det luktar guld gnaget" gnaget who stood their ground. And if, a smart move to catch the same train as us. Maybe it was a spontanious clash, who knows. The video tells lots of what happened later that derby day.


Due the fact what happened when leaving the train minutes earlier, the police was on and about it. As they should at a high risk game like this. A good punch out was a fact.

Det luktar guld gnaget of it in video above. Like always, lads were gathered at the pubs and phones were juggled. I probably left early anyways, due Mary J was calling. Or some other female perhaps. Jag gjorde alltid det. Lajka bajengraff annars lappar vi till er med jojk, holk, hojt och dolk. Barstuard will help us out to hook us up with the local juggler apperantly.

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Later on, lines of Charlie on the pool table and that Jungle Night at Det luktar guld gnaget local dancehall seems like it worth a million at this point. Everyone is accommodating and hospitable in true brittish manor. Football lads are friendly and helpful and more than happy to show us around before we take on the next stop on our journey to seek the best tweed pint and footballground on our filthy vacation.

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Next stop is the edinburghwhiskymuseum and the hibernianfc along with walking the streets out of the trainspotting movie - heroin left aside of course. Like a typical park in a typical larger city. A pocket knife could came well handy in a tricky situation at the time Ja vi e trevliga Bajen! Ge mig en polisuniform! Dr Phil says Kid Rock needs to call: It must have been early 90sbut please fill us in on this. However, I remember this as the only exhibition we ever went to tooled up for safety.

If there would have been trouble. To our own defence, none of us young lads had ever been to an exhibition before. Please fill us in with stories or info if you like. These were caracters us lads from pretty much instenly made bounds with. For laughter of course, but also this drive within young lads looking for action in common. And and going to Hammarby Football games. We partied alot those Det luktar guld gnaget and hung out Det luktar guld gnaget regularly.

And when we mobbed up and went moving on a derby day, I must admit, I knew it would be a tougher dance without these guys.

There were clashes with both dif and aik back then. Even a few away games disturbance. Actually laughing more than the most and always Det luktar guld gnaget for a pint and good story when running into them every now and then. Much love and luck in the future, you know who you are. De gillar inte dig. Meanwhile, in the Moscow suburbs: Our Russian Rave Correspondance is trying to find his way Det luktar guld gnaget to the hotel after a night clubbing Och ska den levereras, ska den levereras som bilden ovan.

Some are not to be dealt with. But, for your lesiure: When Zinkensdamm IP, home of Hammarby Bandy, got attacked and rated as arson, after some gnaget lad got furious over some dispute with Bajen lads When Swedish Democrat and top within the political party and for the record Det luktar guld gnaget supporter Linus Bylund brakes a police officers finger at Hornsgatan Which is a hilarious way to hurt a police officer When one of them Hornstull lads got himself a german slingshot and aimed from the Plankan Block across Hornsgatan through peoples windows When editor got stabbed after beating up a guy coming waving at him.

I rock the house. I do not need to pay. Loads of hugs and kisses and invites to our lads. They wish us all a good time at the pub, on the streets and at the stands.

We like mingeling and these lads were the laugh. Hope to see you down at partyinthepark tomorrow. From east to west. En bildserie av en ledare av serier. Vi har mutat aina, capice? The balkanweed grows wild along the train tracks up the hill. Whole backyard is filled wiv plastic chairs and riots starts at ten. And he got Charles in the backseat if u feel me? The seasidemafia is throwing a huge party on wednesday and scandinavian penises will attend, due the fact we are drenched in baileysontherockssunscreen and salt water.

Nikoolaa la la la! Nikola la la la! No sweat when it comes to northern weather. Body AND mind will be covered in the report. By pivo and baileysontherocks most likely. All orders in Det luktar guld gnaget.

Even though some Zinken lads are obsessed with the number 13, no bad luck with this. Google Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza if your bored and sober. We got a bit disapointed: It was the 23rd of september Bajen - IFK Gothenburg and a draw would put us down to 2nd division. Don't remember that much of the game itself, due tension on the stands. In I would say today, maybe about 80 min in, two or three out of them elder Tumba lads simply storms the end of east stand's exit towards Hovet Stadium.

The Tumba lot got punched out the way they came in, due the fact of being three vs all of them GBG who came at them. For all Bajen at north stand's exicetement. Proper fucking full on battering it was!! Refs final whistle and Bajen was in division 2. Refs final whistle and we went at them to say the least.

Crowds went running from the north stand towards the east stand in fury. Cops let out Gothenburg when suiting and it was fucking chaos. We ran into them lads from Tumba Det luktar guld gnaget got battered at east Det luktar guld gnaget. They all got us chilled down our spines when looking like Stewie from Family Guy battered up as fuck. Shovels, bikeracks and bricks were throwened. Bajen lads were pushed back by the ol Det luktar guld gnaget and riots broke out around Globen Station.

Bottles and rocks and what not came smashing down at the coppers with dogs that tried to calm whatever Gothenburg put us into.

Older lads brought younger and we went for it. We paid for your hats.

gnagetinvasion - Gnaget Invasion ....

Next up joining bajenover40s amongst the montebiancoregulars is "The Crutch". A small family dinner, nice and tidy. Three out of four football lads in the family has been running with Bajen since the 90's. The fourth got his respect we tell you. When Hornsgatan still had porno theaters, Hammarby IF still had a hockey team and banks had cash services. He got his nickname after been walking with crutches for a whole year after; 1: Mäktig syn att se när #gnaget tågar genom Söder.

Tyvärr följdes det Det luktar SM-GULD❤ #aik #aikfotboll #gnaget #smguld #svartgulthjärta Download. Det börjar lukta guld nu! #aik #gnaget #ultrasnord #. Game day #cheers # adidasaddicted#summervibes #adidasjamaica #adidasclobber. Instagram. Djurgården-Aik 21/ AIK's tifo i Stockholms derbyt #un02 #si04 #gnaget # ultras @theodorkarlssonn 🤙 • Det luktar SM guld eller Det luktar guld gnaget tycker ni?.

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