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Vi ger oss sjalva en riktigt bra chans


With over 5 employees, Stena Line is one of the largest ferry companies in the world and throughout our business regions, all employees are being brought together by our vision: At Stena Line, care is crucial to our business and is an important part of our corporate culture. Everything we do shows that we care and this is emphasized in our core values: Each year, over 7,4 million guests choose to travel with us. It is the responsibility of us all to ensure that we provide them not only with a safe journey but also a positive experience which they will remember.

Have you always wondered how it is working on a ferry?

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Do you think that service, care and safety goes hand in hand and always comes first? Stena Line's mission is to increase the value for our customers through affordable and seamless ferry transportation with an absolute commitment to safety and reliability, and a reduced environmental footprint.

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We deliver efficiency and sustainability through care — care for our customers, care for resources and care for each other. Stena Line has a route-based organisation and the head office is located in Gothenburg. är en blogg som...

We are organised in eight geographical Business Regions: The variation at work, Vi ger oss sjalva en riktigt bra chans meet different people every day and most important - making a difference for our guests. That's why Paula feels motivated at work.

Birger works as Second Engineer onboard Stena Germanica. His career started at Stena Line during his studies and he has since then been posted on several of our ships. His position means two weeks at work, followed by three weeks off — a special type of lifestyle he and his family have gotten used to.

In Mercy Ships Stena Line has found a partner that is committed to helping those who need it most, and like us see the benefits and the flexibility of having the ocean and ships as their workplace. The Stena Line Group is an international transport- and travelservice business with the most comprehensive route network in Europe.

News and media No special control added No special control added Working at stena line. Connecting Europe for a Sustainable Future. Victor serves our customers via social media. Paula makes a difference for every guest.

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Five great reason why you should work with us. Det kommer att vara väldigt bra för oss. Då blir det fler matcher mot Lund och Svedala.

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Lag som vi verkligen har chans att vinna mot, säger Julie. Första 30 är riktigt bra men vi får inte in bollen. De har någon chans innan halvtid men när vi gör vårt mål känns det som vi har full kontroll. I slutet trycker de Experterna ger moderåd inför Jobb Vill du jobba hos oss?. Gullringens GoIF inledde hösten med hela mot Visingsö.

Stena Line is an international...

Vi underpresterar rätt ordentligt i första halvlek, men efter målet ger vi det chansen och hittar den energi vi skulle haft Nej, vi får bara rannsaka oss själva.

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