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Tea party splittrar deras parti


Han hade bara en enkel folkskola bakom sig. Med vuxna var han vuxen och med ungdomarna visade han en ungdomlig sida. Gudskelov har de nu byggt eller restaurerat omkring hus. I wrote this article inand "Tea party splittrar deras parti" it on www. Therefore I republish it here on my personal blog.

Have you ever wondered why the Assyrians as a people are among the most devoted Christians? But why is that? The answer is simple but at the same time a surprise, we have had this same faith for more than six thousand years.

When we became Christians we changed the name of various concepts, but continued to practice the same faith and beliefs about the creation of the universe. In other words, the basic ideology of Christianity is based on Assyrian and Sumerian belief.

The Assyrians believed in the almighty god Ashur, who was formed by nine different characters. They also had the Trinity as the basis of their faith.

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According to ancient Assyrian belief, it was through the Trinity that the balance of the cosmos was maintained, i. When the foundations of Christianity were established during the childhood of the Tea party splittrar deras parti doctrine, the Assyrian representatives made sure that the Trinity was incorporated into the tenets of the Christian faith.

Since the human king, in contrast to gods, was made of flesh and blood, his consubstantiality with god of course has to be understood spiritually: It did not reside in his physical but in his spiritual nature, that is, in his psyche or soul. He thus was an entity composed of both matter and divine essence.

This sounds very like the doctrine of homoousios enunciated at the Council of Nicaea inin which Jesus is said to be "of the same substance" as the Father. According to the Epic of Gilgamesh, the eponymous hero, a "perfect king," was two thirds god and one third man. The Gospels are commonly ranged in the following order: Matthew, Mark, Luke "Tea party splittrar deras parti" John. They are in turn assigned the following symbols in this exact order: It may seem like a coincidence, but why was not for example a horse, a lamb or some other popular animal chosen as Tea party splittrar deras parti symbol unless the intention was to continue the tradition of the ancient Assyrians?

Today, only few people are aware of the link between the ancient Assyrian symbols and the current Christian symbols. Parpola writes the following about the link between the winged bull and the Bible, as well as the Old Tea party splittrar deras parti the New Testament:.

In the royal palace, the king lived in a sacred space designed and built after celestial patterns and guarded against the material world by deities and apotropaic figures stationed at its gates and buried in its foundations. Colossal supernatural beings in the shape of a bull, lion, eagle and man, symbolizing the four turning points, guarded its gates.

These apotropaic colossi marked the palace as a sacred space and thus may be compared to the four guardians of the divine throne in Ezekiel 1: Matthew manMark lionLuke bull and John eagle. Another, at least equally interesting, symbol is the cross. A few years ago I was sitting in the living room of an acquaintance, turning some pages in a history book in German called Mesopotamia [3].

I cannot read German and therefore I was mostly looking at the pictures. There, I saw in several places images of clay tablets with the cross Tea party splittrar deras parti various designs. The caption announced that they were tablets dating back to BC, i.

I was puzzled and curious about what our ancestors used the sign of the cross for. The day after, I wrote an e-mail to Professor Simo Parpola, who is the most renowned among all Assyriologists in the world. I wrote among other things the following:. In Turabdin, this kind of sign of the cross often recurs in churches and in church literature and this is surely no coincidence.

I would therefore like to ask you if you, as a scientist, have examined or studied the Sumerian crosses and what they stood for; the four cardinal points? Without doubt, this symbolism of the cross, along with many other Assyrian symbols and religious beliefs such as the tree of life, were later adapted by Christianity, which in fact grew on Assyrian ground. A good part of the Assyrian perceptions dates of course back to the Sumerian period.

For details, see my articles and essays [4]. It sure sounds familiar. The cross was thus the emblem of Ninurta. Not even the Assyrians themselves have been taught this relationship by their scholars. The Christian Assyrian history is full of examples of denial of the pre-Christian era, described as pagan. But our pre-Christian ancestors were actually no pagans.

They believed in an omnipotent god in the same way as the Hebrews did. The Assyrian god Ashur however appeared as nine different characters - all bound together by the love goddess Ishtar. So when the apostle John tells us that God is love 1 John 4: About this and many other things around the holy tree of life among the Assyrians, can be read in a longer article by Benjamin Daniali also inspired by Simo Parpola on the following link: Unfortunately the website is closed down a few years ago.

There he explains the numerical system of the different characters of Ashur. Here are some quotations from the article:. And Ashur, the creator of himself and the universe is the Almighty God, unseen but existent, Ashur is the source of all manifest divine powers.

Ashur could not be known directly neither by human nor even by gods, all of whom he created. Concerning the connection between Ashur and the Jewish God, Daniali writes the following:. In that case, the original meaning may well be: Tea party splittrar deras parti who is Ashur. Therefore, it can not be inferred to Ashur, although it once might have been borne out by God Ashur. But he does not explain why he makes the connection. Probably, he makes a logical link without being able to prove it.

However, I think I now retrospectively have solved the riddle and may hereafter prove that Daniali's reasoning is correct, when searching how the word Ashur was spelled at the time of ancient Assyriarns. It is a description of the same substance in Phoenician and Luwian and dates back to BC. This is an important clue showing that the vowels a, e or u did not have to be printed. Even today, the Semitic languages, such as Assyrian, Arabic and Hebrew, are in essence consonant-languages where the vowels occur only sparingly.

I have also seen the same in a study of ancient scripts from Urhoy Edessa. In one chapter, the study assembled a group of verbs and nouns that used to be written without the letter waw. The listed words are declared as misspelled, but it might be about an old rule that the researchers do not know.

It, thus, attests that the Hebrew Asher is most likely synonymous with the Assyrian god Ashur. The Making of the Islamic World Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,p.

On the conversion of Syria and Mesopotamia to Tea party splittrar deras parti. Sons of God - The ideology of Assyrian Kingship. Archaeology Odissy Archives, December This is what you are to say to the Israelites: Detta fortsatte fram till att den nya lagen nr antogs Mardins storstadskommun bildades i samband med denna lag. He has recently published a 2,page dictionary where the words Assyrian, AssyriaSyriaSuryoyo and Ahiqar got a distorted description.

This was recently unveiled in a program in Assyria TV. But this "man of God" showed his revulsion against his Assyrian heritage already 17 years ago in an article, in which he spewed out his bile over a language teacher who had written that the word suryoyo is derived from assuroyo. In the late s, a young man named Yoken Unval lived in Holland.

He had come from the Assyrian village of Arnas in Turabdin to Enschede, where a large population of Assyrian immigrants has settled.

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This bishop was known as one of the most ardent anti-Assyrians and backer of an Aramaic identity which denies all connection with ancient Assyrians.

He was also well known for having forged the contents of old Assyrian books he reprinted, by replacing Assyrian names and evidences of Assyrian identity with other contents.

In this climate young Yoken Unval got his political education. It is inappropriate for us to feel proud of our neighbors' name, whom are the enemies of our suryoyo-Aramean nation. Yoke Unval then moved to the Syrian Orthodox seminary in Damascus. He devoted his life to his Lord and became a monk. The author uses here his family name Beth Yakub as surname Unval is his Turkish surname. In this article I use both.

The dictionary was published in early summer Shortly thereafter I was contacted by several people in Sweden, Holland and Germany expressing "Tea party splittrar deras parti" surprise about the contents of the new lexicon. They also wondered if Assyria TV should not pay attention to this incorrect information. They sent me pictures of some keywords related to the Assyrian identity. It turned out that the author has distorted the Assyrians history of thousands of years.

He also equate the name "Suryoyo" and "Oromoyo" which such obvious. His "evidence" is taken from the story of Noah in the Old Testament and some quotations from Tea party splittrar deras parti church fathers like Yakub Bar Salibi who lived nearly a thousand years ago.

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He writes that the name Syria comes from a mythical king in Antioch called Surus. albumin albumin aldrig never aldrig mer nevermore aldrig rådlös never at a loss alert depressed deputation deputation deputerad deputy depå depot deras theirs, it is a pity detalj particular, datail, detail detaljer details detaljerad detailed taxicab taxichaufför taxi-driver, cab-driver te tea teak trä teak teater theatre.

With the use of we have accumulated a great list for learning Swedish. a ett, en A-bomb atombomb A-student. Deras enda ”brott” var att de kallade sig assyrier. Simo Parpola, Professor of Assyriology at the University of Helsinki, d v s att hans parti skulle vara den legitima representanten för alla assyrier i Gozarto. Tea party splittrar deras parti having been invited to tea the Kurds asked the Assyrian leaders to go for a secret meeting.

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