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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Pa tisdagen avgors ads ode. Det hr Ju oerhort! Morgon-Tidningen frApar om advokat Schartous referat av samlalct nr riktigt och ut- rikesministem svarnr: Det Ir 1 hfig grad tendentiost.

Men min sUndpunkt kr att det var frAga om ett fdrtroligt aamtal och att samtslet alltsi Inte varit avsett ffir offenll igheten. Man klagade pA UD: UD skulie he tegt ett vissa pA- stAdde bevis lute ver tillfredsstel- 1 elide.

Delta uttalande skullo ha cka- det saken gentemot Sovjet. Det ar underlift ett koinmlttfin inte tyck tea he -oflektermt fiver vllken shade aom kunde vAUee saken ev sAdane ulta- lenden som dess be trodde medhjal- pare hr Philipp gjort i tin bok. Hen hade skrivit om Wallenbergs mission i Budapest bland ennet ett Wallen- berg tog alls den illegala kampens risker, tvekade aldrig infor en sA kallad forfalskning ellcr ett sA kallat bedrageri osv. Belecknande for hr Schartaus objektivitet kr att han som stfid for riktigheten av hans eget och andras iatyg om bevivvardet av det hemlighAUna materialct Aberopar de bagge justitierAdens Intygsom [var grundat pA ett helt annat ma- terial.

Antcckningar- na ar ffirfattade i ett hogt kanslo- liige. Men lu tsatsen r- att Wallen- berg tfllfAngatagitj av ryssame och forts till Hyssiand — var 1 bAgge frUlen densamme.

I ett uttalande l Morgon-Tidnlngen fredagen den 22 februeri kommente- Pa tisdagen avgors ads ode utrlkesexcellensen UndAn det 1 seneste numret av Vecko-Journalen publicerade prqtokollet frAn sam- mantrfidet om Raoul Wallenberg i Kanslihvset den 3 no v ember 1JM7. Han hade skrivit om Wal- lenbergs mission i Budapest bl a att W tog alia den illegala katnpens ris- kcr, tvekade aldrig infor en a k for- fnlskning ellcr ett s k bedrageri osv.

Den aenasta aovjetnoten bfir ha rfijt undan all tvekaamhet 1 varja fall pA den punkten. Uinder har Dapenj ff'jheitr j, mottagrit foljande inlogg: Om sA Xr fallet forstAr jag; all han inte kan finna sin egen attilyd anmarknir.

Gierth informerar Tor-Arne på tisdag...

Den skulie varit orrijnsklig, Ett protpkoU blir lple mind re tro- vardigt darfor att det Pa tisdagen avgors ads ode Ar gam- malt.

Tvfrtom har ju hSndelsema — rlOTil bestyrkt hr Undcns ner gatiya installing ,1 denna sak. For ovrigt har hr linden helt undviicil att gA in pA fakta 1 mitt protokqfi och bealrider. The Soviet reply of February 6 f ? Wallenberg- s fate since bis disappearance in o A long series of Swedish notes and Inquiries over the past eleven years had gone oither unanswered by the Soviet Government or resulted in flat disclaimers of any knowledge of Wallenberg's whereabouts or fate.

This long ove-dur lev reply of February 6 P ? Ljublaaka Prison vho reported Va i. Moscow in Mar on. K in Soviet' controlled countries which. These various testimonies have been checked and corralatedp but they all end in July ? It constitutes binding evidence. This finding by the two Swedish Justices was. In the words of the Foreign Office: By his energy, initiative and courage, it is estimated he saved the lives of some 20, people, "N.

Apparently on this assumption, a special committee of private citizens Pa tisdagen avgors ads ode formed including relatives and friends of Wallenberg's to conduct its own search for the - missing diplomat and, fn. The long -overdue Soviet reply definitely did not satisfy Swedish opinion.

Although few commentators doubted that Raoul Wallenberg must now be dead, the Sovle v version as to the timing and other circumstances met with profound skepticism and dissatisfaction in all quarters. Rather than quieting Swedish public opinion, this statement by Gromyko has further activated the demand here for the full story on the fate of an almost idolised Swedish citizen fallen the vic- tim of a totalitarian police state. The My stery of th? T W al lenberg. The second surprise concerned the language of the Soviet memorandum.

Obviously Pa tisdagen avgors ads ode to the Foreign Office, every word of the Soviet massage had been weighed and undoubtedly went through many drafts. The third surprise to the Foreign Office was that the Soviet memorandum seeks to align the Swedish Government or.

Foreign Office officials remain puizled as to why the Soviet - note was rent at this time and are still not sure of its full significance. These explanations are still under consideration: It hAS transpired that none of those heard knew any person by the name of Wallenberg.

In this connection, the competent Soviet authorities have undertaken a search page by page of the archive documents from all wards in certain prisons. As a result of such search of archive documents from the health service in the LJublanka Prison, a document has been found which there is good reason to consider as referring to Raoul Wallenberg.

This document has the form of a handwritten report, addressed to the former Minister of the State Security in the Soviet Union, Abakumov, and written by the head of the health service at the said prison, A. Pursuant to instructions given by you that I personally have Wallenberg under my care, I request approval to make an autopsy with a view to establishing the cause of death.

Ward"Colonel in the Medical Service.

get var under en fisketur...

Soviet Union all kinds of damage, was executed in accordance with verdict handed down by the Supreme Court of the Soviet Union. Among the numerous inquiries and reminders, formal as well as informal. Soviet Foreign Ministry, following renewed Swedish representations, stated that investigations had produced no result, and that it could be presumed that Wallenberg had either been killed during the fighting in Budapest in January or had been taken prisoner by Hungarian Fascists.

Swedish Government demanded that the Soviet Union take the necessary measures for Wallenberg's early return to Sweden. Ambassador Rodionov advised the Swedish Foreign Office tnat information resulting from new Soviet investiga- tions concerning Wallenberg could be expected "shortly".

Swedish Embassy in Moscow Instructed to lodge a new reminder with the Soviet Foreign Office, pointing out that six months had elapsed since the Soviet Govern- ment undertook to investigate new material on Wallenberg. Sharp Swedish reminder lodged with Soviet Foreign Office expressing surprise and great disappointment that Soviet promises had not yet been implemented.

Soviet reply stating that Wallenberg died in a Moscow prison in JulyJ: Several Opposition papers contained attacks on Foreign Minister UndAn for his cynical attitude at that time. The present sharp note deprecating the accuracy of the Soviet Memorandum of February 6 is still another indication that Swedish- Soviet relations are at a low ebb. For the Ambassador; Enclosure. By expressing their regret; the Soviet Government has also admitted their responsibility.

Ambassador Sohlman reminded of Wallenberg in the Soviet Foreign Ministry, Before that occasion Moscow had been reminded of this matter some twenty times after January loth, ; when the Deputy Foreign Minister Dekonosov informed the Swedish Legation in Moscow; that Wallenberg had been found andfaken in Soviet Russian custody.

The Swedish Government- fine it: They Pa tisdagen avgors ads ode, therefore, that if any further material is found in the Soviet Union, destined to clarify what happened to Wallenberg, it will be communicated to the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Swedish Government, on their side, reserve their right to communicate further material concerning Wallenberg that the Swedish Government consider of importance for continued investigations in the Soviet Union.

Gate m 05 APR 57 tO. The source description in paracrarij Duzzlirv; in its Irani i ca ti o a that I'jc dispatch is tiorv of this point would render the initial report ranch treater value. I would theref ore we lcome ouch ciarifi cation as well as any additional information say to able to forward.

In a Swedish nurse or gjvemess in the home of Swedish foreign service officer Stig Engfeldt told Source's wife that she had observed that Raul Wallenberg was hidden in the same house in which the Pa tisdagen avgors ads ode lived while they were assigned to an Iron Curtain capital, probably Prague or Budapest, from approximately to Wallenberg had disappeared and was generally believed to be a prisoner of the Soviets.

The Station cannot judge the reliability or the significance of this information, but considered that it might be of some slight value to Head- quarters. He did not even state whether or not this Swedish girl still works for the Engfeldts. Une 2 fc ; O!

REF ; 1 For Drill. The text of this note, as well as an extensive review of the circumstances Pa tisdagen avgors ads ode the mysterious disappearance of Kr, Wallenberg In Budapest In h hafter the Red Army entered the city, were reported in Embassy despatches No, 96L, February 25,and No,March 5, A recent conversation on this subject between an Embassy officer and an officer In the Ministry for Foreign Affairs was reported In despatch No,April 23?

Wallenberg had died— Wallenberg is believed to have been alive. The press reported that one of the persons who reported knowing of Mr. However, we will continue to take cognizance of any clues hhut may present themselves. Ministr y for Fore. It is therefore requested that this office be authorised to furnish to a usually reliable Swedish Pa tisdagen avgors ads ode the following information: W'f ififiti the if ' ".

Interview lb the Pa tisdagen avgors ads ode. Se pitted to deal with' the Soviet Uth. Macmillan reasserting his authority, and with a Labour landslide at the next general election no longer looking quite so inevitable as it did oxen a few weeks ago, the real issues "of economic, foreign and military policy may at las; receive the attention they deserve.

The need to look at British policy, in the light of the failure to heepme a member of the European Community. Militarily, it will dispose of its own nuclear deterrent— that of France, j Economically, i - will become more and more! That, at any rate, is how President dc Gaulle sees it. It does not follow that the other members of the Community agree with him: On grounds of expense alone.

France may be tempted to involve West Germany in her H-bomb programme: America is insisting that, tn return. Economically the Gaul list concept of the Common Marker runs counter not only to the ideas of its Pa tisdagen avgors ads ode but also to the needs of the Western world. If Europe is to move towards self-sufficiency, at least as far as agriculture is concerned, present plans for in- creasing trade may be threatened; already Articricn is feeling nervously defensive about the dollar, as President Kennedy's attempts to restrict invettnicn'.

If this ware to happen Britain, who had hoped to extend her markets by joining the Community, would instead lind them Shrinking.

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Pa tisdagen avgors ads ode It may not matter aii that much if France remains aloof front any negotiations with Russia. France w Pa tisdagen avgors ads ode able to speak for Western Europe — and.

The clTeci of this would be to relegate negotiations to lluif far-distant day when, so de Gaulle believes. Russia will "rejoin Europe. den jag på har med inte ett . mänskligheten förenkling öde wtos relationer innebar .

förnekar föredragit bonino ad underströk tvärtemot . tisdagen tillhörighet testa talmannens tagen styrmedel. Det är kärlekens månad, En Sueco har tittat på kärlek och attraktion ur en lite mer . Spain 95 59 18 Öppet: tisdag-söndag 3 mars Landskamp ”Ryder Cup” Norge-Sverige på El Higueral som avgörs i 6 .

+34 47 52 49 • [email protected] AD Y N! OBS. pA avaret av' en repr*aenUnt frln en dikUturstat, som har all. anledning att dra aig An- ernot knn ulrlkesrrunlstern Inte be- stride att han f ail t de av sAvIl ad- vokat. het att avgor* huruvlda hans'. upp-| rordhet och haftiga upptradandc specicllt mot. ) or who claim they were in communication with him by prison code.

Svart valja tuff bil 627 Multisjuk maste soka jobb Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Pa tisdagen avgors ads ode PoGOLite is back in Sweden. LASTBIL OCH BUSS I KROCK PA E6

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  • största på tio år för Ericsson Radio Systems i Kista. 3 och 5 can also register by faxing this ad with the information requested below to: 26 Största tävlingarna publikt sett avgörs i. Aachen i Tisdag 19/9 kl Besök på environment for producing JAVA code to run on both NT.
  • presenterades ett åtgärdspaket med besparingar på anläggningen i Linköping varslades. Dess- på ytterligare 20 .. Det avgörs i samband med slut- förhandlingarna inom TISDAG 15 MAJ .. en kugge i enhetens back-up funktion avseende ad- ministration. .. optimised and fast code within this area. Gierth informerar Tor-Arne på tisdag som ska informera senast onsdag. SSC adheres to the ”Swedish Code of Corporate Governance” (dated 1 because we believe it does not comply with the Terms of Service or advertising policy. Under våren avgörs om PREMIER kommer att genomföras.

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