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Baddat for romanser i robinson


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THE Ku Klux had no written history. Their Constitution declared, "That the origin, mysteries, and ritual, of this order shall never be written, but shall be communicated orally. Who were the Ku Klux? Where did the Klan originate? What was its object and mission? For the purpose of giving the youth of our land true history about this remarkable organization, whose services were of untold value to the Baddat for romanser i robinson, during a dark period of her history, this book is written.

The facts herein contained are absolutely authentic, being recorded from the lips of the sur- vivors themselves. THE Author acknowledges with deepest grati- tude the kind assistance of many Confederate Veterans and prominent men who were members of the Ku Klux Klan, who have furnished data and written incidents related in this book, also for the permission, so willingly given by Prof. Fleming, Professor of History in the Louisiana State University, and author of book, entitled "Ku Klux Klan," to use paragraphs and pictures from his book.

Also to many noble Southern women and to the widows of those brave men, Major James R. Kennedy, last surviving Charter Members of the Klan, who furnished valuable data and photographs. The Author has been bidden "God Baddat for romanser i robinson by Confede- rate Veterans, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Daughters of the Confederacy, in the preparation of this history, which is a complete vindication of the Ku Klux Klan borne out by facts that are ab- solutely authentic, and statements from men who were members of the Klan, whose integrity is un- questioned.

This book goes out to the world with a mission to perform: The attractive illustrations and true history should make interesting reading for young and old, and for all those who hold the glorious deeds of our Southern Heroes in everlasting remembrance.

A Resolution to endorse this Book was adopted, without a dissenting voice, by the Sons of Confederate Veterans at Reunion Mayat Jacksonville, Florida, and their efforts pledged to have it placed in the schools through- out the South. Members, and Objects of Klan 25 V.

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Carpetbaggers — Scalawags — Negroes Ku Klux Banner 39 IX. Constitution, Creed and Oath 40 X. Costumes and Parades 43 XI. Notices and Warnings Baddat for romanser i robinson XII. Lessons Taught by the Ku Klux Klan 51 an. The End of Eeconstruction. Reasons For Its Existence. THE Ku Klux Klan, or the Invisible Empire as it was also called, was an organization formed at the close of the war between the States, during the period known as Reconstruction, for the purpose of protecting the homes and women of the South.

The war terminated suddenly, and finally in the Spring of All resources of the Southern Armies were completely exhausted, and they laid down their arms as the result of being overpowered. Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox, April 9,and this was quickly followed by all the other com- mands, so that in two months after the date of Baddat for romanser i robinson surrender, there was not a Confederate soldier under arms throughout the entire South.

The surrender, on the part of the Confederate armies, was uni- versal and sincere; there was no reservation, and no desire to continue the struggle in any way.

Notwithstanding this, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States, was thrust into prison; other leaders of the Confederacy and distinguished citizens were arrested, and members of the Confederate Cabinet were forced to become exiles. The condition of the South was deplorable indeed. Business destroyed, farms gone to wreck, homes laid waste, many of the returning soldiers disabled and broken in health.

There was a track of desola- tion and devastation, without a parallel in history, estimated fully five miles wide, from the Tennessee line through Georgia to Savannah, through South Carolina, by Columbia, to North Carolina, and the desolation in the valley of Virginia, if possible, was greater. No money, no stock to work the ground, and nothing at hand with which to begin life again, so it seemed. Four million slaves suddenly emanci- pated, with no realization whatever of the responsi- bilities that freedom brought.

So agricul- ture the chief means of support in the South, was at a standstill. Railroads and other means Baddat for romanser i robinson trans- portation were almost wrecked, and chaos reigned supreme. To the general confusion was added a flood of adventurers from the North, called Carpet-baggers, who were not generally Northern soldiers ; but mere camp followers of the Northern armies; men im- bued with passions of the lowest order, settling in the South for the purpose of controlling the South- ern States by becoming leaders of the negro voters, the best class of white people being excluded from voting by the Reconstruction measures of Congress These men hated everything that bore the name "Southern," and at once began to inflame the negroes against their former masters.

They were told by these unprincipled men that the Southern people expected to put them back into slavery, and the United States Government was going to give every able-bodied negro man "Forty acres of land and a mule. This was the situation, inat "Baddat for romanser i robinson" South, exhausted, prostrated, disarmed, "overpow- ered, but not degraded. The South was soon under what is known as Baddat for romanser i robinson CarpetrBag Regime; men without principle were in power, and negroes, already demoralized by their freedom, were elevated to the highest positions.

The Black and Tan Government, composed of Republican Carpet-baggers, home-made Yankees, or Scalawags, and ignorant and brutal negroes, now held full sway. In addition, there were the home Yankees, despicable traitors to the South, who were ready for any deed, no matter how dark, to curry favor with those in power. The white men of the South were not allowed to vote or carry firearms, and no indignity was too great- to be offered them, or their families.

The negro considered freedom svnonymmrs. Under such conditions the negro clothed with all authority and outnumbering the white, two to one, open resistance would have "meant instant death, or being sent to some Northern dungeon, there to languish and die, leaving loved ones exposed to dangers too terrible to contemplate, at the hands of these brutish despots, f Under such -conditions there was only one recourse left, to or- ganize a powerful Secret Order to accomplish what x: Giles, County Tennessee, during the winter of l' There were six charter members, all having honorable records as Confede- rate soldiers.

The word Ku Klux was really coined by them, being formed from the Greek word, "Ku- klos," meaning a circle. They added Klan, which made the name at once unique, mysterious, and fascinating. Pulaski, the birthplace of the organization, is the county seat of Giles County, a town of importance, of culture and refinement, and at that time had a population of 3, or more.

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It was a town of churches, schools and colleges and not a community that would have produced desperadoes and cut- throats. Pulaski always, in a way, remained headquarters for the Klan, as many of the officers lived there, and the town was proud of being the birthplace of this great organization, which was destined to play such an important part in the history of the Recon- struction period, to The superstition of the negro! The Klan spread rapidly, and in a year had reached such large numbers, it was found necessary to have some one of experience and influence to become the leader.

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He took the oath in Room No. Gor- don prepared the oath and ritual for the Klan. Your letter in regard to the origin and object of the Ku Klux Klan was Baddat for romanser i robinson in due time. It affords me pleasure to comply with your request. I am glad to see the U. You would, no doubt, be surprised to know the number of letters I receive from various parts of our country in regard to the Ku Klux Klan.

Jones, by the following named men, all of whom had honorable records as Confederate soldiers: Crowe, one of the last two surviving charter members of the Ku Klux Klan, who died at Sheffield, Ala. We held several meetings at the office of Judge Jones; then we held several meetings at the home ,of your grandfather, Mr.

Afterwards, our regular den was made in the old residence of Dr. The house had been wrecked by a tornado, only one room left, and that was hidden by the debris of the large build- ing. The house was supposed to be toasted, this served our purposes well, as we played, upon the superstitious, fend made them believe we were the spirits of dead Confederates.

The word Ku Klux was coined by us. We chose the Greek word for circle, "Kuklos," as the name of our circle and afterwards called it Ku Klux, then added Klan and made it from that day -historical.

The youngeri generation will never Baddat for romanser i robinson realize the risk we ran, and the sacrifices we made to free our beloved Southland from Baddat for romanser i robinson hated rule of the "Carpet- bagger," the worse negro and the home Yankee.

Thank God, our work was rewarded by complete success. After the order grew to large numbers, we found it was necessary to have someone of large experience to command. We chose General N.

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He was made a member and took the oath in the Room No. The oath was administered to him by Captain John W. Morton, afterwards Secretary of State, Nashville, Tennessee. There is only one besides myself of the original six who organized the Ku Klux Klan, Mr.

Kennedy, of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. If you will write to him he could give you more information. Your kind letter reached me yes- terday, and I hasten to reply, for we old Ku Klux appreciate any interest manifested in our order. The Ku Klux Klans were composed of the very best citizens of our countrv: To protect the women of fhe South, who were the loveliest," most noble and MR. The survivors are old -mermow, old with their memories of other days long past, to cheer them during life's twilight.

They are proud they were Ku Klux, and could give aid to these dear Southern women again during the Reconstruction period, for it was "Baddat for romanser i robinson" dark and dis- tressing era in our beloved Southland.

We did nothing to make us ashamed ; our acts were always for the good of our country and those we loved. After the lapse of all Baddat for romanser i robinson years, the survivors of the Ku Klux Klan are gratified to hear the verdict of many who say to us, "Well dorte ; you undoubt- edly saved the beautiful Southland during the Re- construction era.

Pardon me for speaking once again of the dear Southern women, the heroines, who so bravely bore the heavy burdens and hardships of those long years of war. The world has never known lovelier, braver women than they were. They were ministering angels to the soldiers.

They were our inspiration, and will live in our hearts forever. Their m'emory is a sweet benediction to our lives as we near the last river. Wishing you much success in securing facts and truths for your history, 1 am willing to give you any information possible. Kennedy, contain the truth of his- tory, and nothing could prove more interesting, or more valuable in order to preserve the facts for future generations than these records from the pens of the last two surviving charter members of that mysterious brotherhood of men known as the Ku Klux Klan.

Since these letters were written, both of these noble men, who served their country well, both in war and in peace, have crossed over the river of death, and their lips are now forever sealed, and these written words from them leave a record, deep- ly significant, and of priceless value. Dem black niggers wuz skeered so bad dat night, dey skin turned white, an' de kinks near where Robinson's well is now located, in Madison County, Mississippi.

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