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Victor hedman arets rookie


Hedman is a defenseman out of the ordinary.

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The tall and Victor hedman arets rookie defenseman has a unique combination of size and speed. He accelerates very well and at full speed there are few, if any, defenseman of such stature that can match Hedman. Furthermore, he has very good hockey sense which contributes to him usually being at the right place at the right moment. He is also quite shifty and creative and can stickhandle through heavy traffic.

Offensively, he has a good shot, including a heavy slapper that he could, however, use more frequently.

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His passing game is also of high caliber. As for his defensive game, he does not really play very physical. He is an aggressive player with an edge to his game, but likes to solve tricky situations with his hockey sense and stick work, rather than playing Victor hedman arets rookie body.

His reach is impressive and provides him with a natural advantage over his opponents. Oscar HedmanJohan Hedman.


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You need to have EP Premium to view these stats. Sign up at the top of the website. World Championship Bronze Medal. Swedish Player of the Year Guldpucken. Log in or go premium to post and read comments Go premium. Victor Erik Olof Hedman, född den 18 december i Själevad i Därpå följande SHL-säsong, /, utsågs Hedman till årets rookie i SHL, årets junior i. MODO Hockeys talangfulle back Victor Hedman har av juryn utsetts till säsongens andra rookiekandidat i kampen om titeln som Årets Rookie.

Juryns Victor hedman arets rookie. Modos unge hockeyback Victor Hedman utsågs på måndagen Victor hedman arets rookie årets rookie, nykomling i den svenska hockeyligan.

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